What’s your logo saying?

The first encounter of your brand that your prospects will see is likely to be your company’s logo. It’s therefore important to ensure that the impression your logo sends is one that shows your company in a good light. Making sure it looks professional should be one of your key marketing objectives.

The cost involved in getting a professional company to design your logo isn’t as expensive as you might think. A good logo will serve your company for years to come.

What is a logo?

A logo is a brand element representing your company. It is the company’s mark or symbol that encapsulate who you are. It’s a seal of quality of service you provide. There are three types of logos:

  • Full company name and icon
  • An icon or symbol only
  • A stylised company name

Icon only logos only work over a long period of concerted brand exposure and marketing. Full company name and icon and stylised company name are the most common type of logos as it makes it easier for the general public to become familiar with your company. Only when your company has achieved full familiarity can you think about moving to icon only logo. However, this is a very expensive route to take and require a big advertising budget to sustain it.

Making the mark

Do you remember the original Apple computers logo? It was the word “Apple Computers Inc.” with a colourful image of a bitten apple. After years of marketing and branding, Apple’s new logo is now just a simply one colour image of a bitten apple.

Whenever this icon is seen, most peoples immediate association is Apple computers. Only small number of high profile global companies uses this route.

Your company can achieve recognition by ensuring that your logo design and brand are applied in consistent manner backed by high quality service. Single objective of a logo is to make sure that in a crowd, that is among your competitors, your company, product and service is the one that stands out.

What next?

Start by performing the task in the checklist below:

  1. Analyse your current logo
  2. Investigate the consistency of your logo usage
  3. Review your services and or products you provide
  4. Review the use of your logo on your website, stationery set and brochures etc.
  5. Compare your logo with your competitors and industry leaders

After going through this short checklist, you will have a better idea where you logo stands among your competitors. If it is in the first 30% then it is in a healthy state, otherwise it's time for a new logo!

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